Hello all,

My blog and website have been looking a little neglected for the past few weeks due to our recent house move and relocation, which turned out to be rather more complicated than originally thought.

We moved out of our house near Chelmsford in Essex on 16th July but were unable to move into our new house until the 17th, and our furniture wasn’t coming until the 23rd. We used the ‘opportunity’ to do some decorating, a lot of decorating, three rooms before we even moved in. Now in and gradually unpacking we have since decorated two more!

On the plus side we have moved to a coastal town near Colchester in the north of Essex and now have this less than 10 minutes walk from our house:


It was somewhat surprising to find that while all this was going on normal life just carried on around us so now that we’re mostly settled I have rescued my beads, wire and tools from their respective boxes (having started packing very neatly in what we thought was plenty of time we ended up frantically throwing items in the whichever box was nearest the day before the removal van came) and am aiming to start making new pieces again.

Future blog posts will bring pictures of new jewellery items and details of upcoming events which I am currently booking for this autumn and winter season and anything else I think could be of interest.

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