My name is Gina Baigent and I live in Essex with my parents and our rescue dog Mollie.

I have been making jewellery for 6 years now, since I was 18. I have always enjoyed various creative hobbies, including playing the keyboard, creative writing and photography but only developed an interest in crafting when my dad (a photographer) took up woodcarving and I thought I would like a similar hobby. Turning to the internet for inspiration I searched craft activities and discovered jewellery making.

I have always loved jewellery and never missed a chance to browse in shops or craft fairs so I ordered a starter kit and loved it right away. I remained self-taught through books and online videos for some time before deciding to enhance my skills with a 6 month Bead and Wire Jewellery Making course and various wirework and chainmaille workshops.

Initially I gave pieces I made to friends and family members as presents but I was soon making more than I could possibly give away. As I showed these pieces to friends and family they loved to buy them. So, I started selling through local craft events (details here) and also set up a website.

Now I enjoy making jewellery using a wide range of techniques and styles including stringing, linking, wirework and chainmaille all of which can be found here and all handmade by me.

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